swiss chard

swiss chard

We all have to eat everyday.

Working from this position we’ve set about to create urban micro gardens in Haiti which tackle four things: food, environment, education and income.
Haiti Micro Gardens is a South-South collaboration that aims to strengthen women, children and families via educational, nutritional and agricultural initiatives.

Micro gardening is an income generating strategy that reduces unemployment, poverty and food insecurity [shortages & high prices].
Micro gardening virtually eliminates transportation and enhances the environment. Waste water can be recycled, rain captured and organic waste [market, restaurant etc] used for composting.

  • Transformative [people & empty spaces]
  • Does not require large spaces or land
  • Fresh, nutritious food for consumption/sale
  • Education, recreation, employment/income
  • Environmentally friendly [utilises compost,  low water usage]
  • Easy to implement [local, low cost materials]
  • Expandable [plant nursery, animal husbandry, aquaculture, agro-forestry, horticulture etc]
  • Great for schools